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Respect the Referendum



Regardless of your political affiliation, be it to Labour, Conservative, Liberal or any other party represented in the UK, please put those loyalties and affiliations to one side for just a moment and consider the current state of UK democracy.

We live in an age where the democratic will of the people is being overridden by Parliamentary Democracy.

Parliamentary Democracy seems to allow our democratically elected representatives in Parliament to reject the democratic will of the British people in order to deliver instead what they prefer.

While the notion that the British people didn’t know what they voted for during the referendum has been widely toted across the media, many MP’s have taken this opinion as a green light to ignore the result of the referendum and actively campaign to keep the UK aligned economically to the EU.

We are being told repeatedly that Teresa Mays current incarnation of her much hated ‘Chequers Deal’ is the only deal available & is the best for the UK in the short term.

The British people didn’t vote for “What Is Best For The UK In The Short Term”…… they voted to leave the Single Market, the Customs Union, the European Court of Human Justice, The Common Agricultural Policy, Freedom of Movement & The Common Fisheries Policy.

It was explained clearly what a vote to leave would mean, and it was the decision we made.

But it isn’t being delivered, nor is our Government attempting to deliver it.

Instead, we are in effect, giving up any authority to shape EU policy, in exchange for staying in the Single Market.

Due to political policy across the last few decades, we have headed ever closer to the EU. In itself this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, if we had any controls of our EU masters.

The overarching idea of the EU isn’t a bad idea, but it’s been so badly implemented, that the people that the EU governs have little recourse.

UK Democracy

At the heart of our country, each individual over the age of 18 has one right, enshrined in law. Every 5 years we can remove the current Government and replace them with another that maybe offers to deliver more of what we believe the Country needs.

Since Maastricht was signed by John Major, our UK Parliament has gradually lost its ability to make decisions and run our Country as it thinks best. Instead it is tied to implementing the instructions of the EU. By an unelected EU Council.

By harmonising further with the EU, we are giving away the only decision making power that UK nationals have. There will come a point when the house of commons will be completely irrelevant & powerless.

The referendum was a vote on our sovereignty. Do we want to protect our one and only right to be governed or do we want to ceed that authority to a foreign authority?

We find it hard to believe that less than 100 years after all women were given the vote, they are prepared to give it away. Only 105 years ago in 1913, Emily Davidson was prepared to die for the right to vote.

If she could see how much respect is afforded to the right to vote today, what would she think?

Regardless of your political allegiance, this affect every single person in the UK.

Our right to choose who will Govern us is one of the most important rights we have. Without that right we become a dictatorship…. some might well say that we are there already….. We couldn’t possibly comment.

National Democracy & Parliament

We have reached a point in time in the political process where our representatives have largely forgotten what they were elected for.

The house is currently split roughtly 70/30 in favour of remaining. By contrast, if the referendum had been cast on political constituencies, it would be 70/30 in favour of leaving.

We as a people are not being represented.

We spoke, but no one listened.