Monthly Archives: November 2018

So here is the thing, the UK’s economic policy has created many of the problems we have today. Our economy has unsustainable elements that have consistently driven us to a position that will take some serious decisions to extract ourselves from. We have pursued ever lower prices for goods and services in an effort to […]

The often repeated claim that anyone who voted to leave didn’t know what they were voting for is a little insulting. Debate after debate explained what we would be leaving……. …. and yet we don’t appear to be achieving that at all. David Cameron States quite clearly that voting to leave means leaving the Single […]

Crashing Out!! Our Brexiteer representatives have allowed the narrative to be framed in favour of Remainers & crashing out of the EU. How can you possibly crash out into something in which 90% of all world trade is already conducted? The UK curently operates on World Trade Organisation Rules for over 50% of our world […]

Golden Handcuffs Conspiracy Theory I am no conspiracy theorist…… BUT……. are we about to get a golden handcuffs deal…… sorry a backstop option no one wants to ever use? Are we all being had over being told that there is no way that Parliament will ever approve Teresa Mays Brexit deal? Don’t panic they say…… […]

Is A Second Referendum An Option? Democracy…… have we forgotten what it means? It was made quite clear that the Brexit referendum was a “Once in a Lifetime” vote on membership of the EU & all it entails. While we fully appreciate how tough it is to be on the losing side in any large […]

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