So, Boris is going full steam ahead, hoping for a new negotiation with the EU, but ready to leave on WTO rules on 31st October.

There are a multitude of permutations as to what happens next. With the noisy rabble of remainiacs hollering as loudly as possible for any means possible to stop, block or prevent us from leaving the EU, who blinks first is anyones’ guess.

Boris Johnson

The possibilities are astounding;

  1. We may have already left! Robin Tilbrook has the necessary legal evidence to prove that we already left on 29th march 2019. Rumours abound that Boris may use the evidence to bring our exit forward so we can leave before Parliament reconvenes on 3rd September.
  2. Remainers force a vote of no confidence in early September. While it looks doubtful that Magic Grandpa would actually win the vote, it is a possibility. If this happens, Boris is still free to call a general election for any time he chooses, the 1st November looks likely.
  3. Boris Prorogues Parliament in the run up to the 31st October. Once the Government gets within striking distance of our departure date, he can disarm the remainiacs & render them powerless to stand in the way of democracy. (The last PM to Prorogue Parliament was??? John Major, in 1997, in order to prevent the cash for questions enquiry incriminating MP’s).
  4. Dominic Cummings is confident that Brexit cannot be stopped by remainiacs. We can expect court cases, votes, The speaker allowing various political instruments to be deployed etc. but legally, Boris is the only man who can stop us from leaving.
  5. Once the EU realise that the remainiacs are not going to delay or block Brexit, they will return to the negotiating table. Most likely in the few days leading up to the 31st October. Remainers are currently preventing the UK from getting a preferential deal but enabling the EU to believe they have a stronger hand than they do.
  6. A temporary peoples parliament is formed to extend article 50 and call a general election. This is a long shot as it is legally very close to a political coup & the closest we will have come in 350 years to the people versus Parliament.

So Where Are We Heading?

The most likely outcome is that Boris will stand firm. He has already started implementing some of The Brexit Parties policies in order to head off Nigel Farage.

Only by defeating the remainiacs will Boris force the EU to compromise. That won’t happen until the remoaners give up in their futile quest to block democracy.

This battle has long since ceased to be about Brexit. Brexit is the symptom, not the disease. The disease is ignoring democracy.

Without the democratic tenet that our vote will be implemented, we lose democracy. As one of the oldest democracies in the world, we have a reputation to uphold.

Whether MP’s like it or not, they are representatives of the people and the wishes of the people need to be enacted to preserve our political integrity.

WTO, Boris & Brexit

The “No Deal” brigade have attempted to rewrite the narrative, in order to protect their perceived desire to cede UK sovereignty to the EU. By law, we are not allowed to negotiate a trade agreement with the EU until we have left and by international law we can continue to trade on existing terms for 24 months while we negotiate a trade deal.

Once we are on WTO terms, the EU will negotiate a trade agreement. It is inconceivable that German industry would permit the EU mandarins to not strike a unilateral deal with their largest customer and trading partner.

Let us know your thoughts on what will happen next below…

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