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Here is a thought…Stockholm Syndrome might be the issue? When you have been held hostage for long enough, you start to feel trust and affection for your captors.

The more we listen to remoaners, the more it looks like they are sad, unhappy wives, locked in a loveless marriage that they still don’t want to leave.

When asked why they are so intent on staying in a marriage to a partner who shows no signs of loving them, they seem a little challenged to list the advantages.

Instead of a list of advantages, you get a list of the scary things that “might” happen if we leave. That isn’t much of a sales pitch for remaining in the EU.

No Remoaner has presented a list of the benefits… tangible advantages that we currently enjoy…. forgive us if we are wrong… and please present your list below if you have one?

The reason for “Project Fear 2.0” & 1.0 come to that is that no one has a benefits list… the only defence is that it might be worse outside so don’t risk it.

Fear is no reason to continue as a member of a failing organisation. I don’t think anyone could describe the EU as a success at present.

While the focus is on establishing an EU army and protecting the 4 key principles of the EU, Greece is financially fucked, Italy’s parliament is in open rebellion against budget restrictions and the French are in open revolt.

The biggest fear story about leaving on World Trade Organisation rules (WTO) is that our unemployment might rise…. but…. no one has predicted that it will ever get as bad as it is in the EU currently!

Resisting Change

Disliking change is not uncommon and it’s almost normal for people to get used to things how they are and learning to embrace them as they are, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a better alternative if you are only brave enough to take the leap and forge a new path.

The press are responsible for phrasing WTO as “No Deal”…. it is a deal…. 90% of world trade happens very successfully using WTO. We already use it for over 50% of all our trade……

If we had impartial reporting in this country then maybe less people would be frightened of the opportunities we have in front of us.