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So here is the situation, for the first time in the history of mankind, individuals have the capacity to communicate with each other in volume, bypassing our government approved propaganda channels.

Historically, our news has been dripfed by the Press, TV, Radio etc. giving us an overview of the world around us and what was happening.

What wasn’t clear, for hundreds of years, was what we were not being told. What news was excluded from reports, what events happened without our knowledge?

The current D Notice in place regarding the #giletjaunne is a case in point. The public knowing too much about protests & the strong arm tactics being used to suppress them (somewhat unsuccessfully) is apparently an national security matter for us??

Our government believe we are ignorant of what is going on. They want to control us, subjugate us, to preserve the status quo while they feather their own nests with EU pensions.

There is of course a possibly valid argument that too much information makes us less contented, unhappy even. You only need to look at the mass anger permeating social media about Brexit to see that for yourselves.

Governments no longer control the narrative as they once did. Not so long ago, two party politics worked because we were offered two options; bad and worse and got to choose between them.

Our current Government doesn’t yet understand that the game has changed, the rules have been rewritten. In part this explains why they are currently so keen to introduce laws to police and control the internet (primarily social media channels).

All this under the guise of protecting children (that could be better protected by their parents) from paedo’s, bullying, drugs & the age old favourite, fake news.

There is no bigger fake news story than Teresa Mays withdrawal deal being Brexit. It doesn’t get close to removing us from the clutching grasp of Tusk and his croneys.

How To Spot An MP Is Lying

It used to be quite difficult, which possibly explains why MP from years gone by appeared at least to be a more honourable bunch.

Today, it is far too easy to marry together what an MP says and then, how they vote on Bills & Motions. All to often, the two don’t corrolate and on each occasion, the public lose a little more trust in one or more politicians.

How many times have we been let down by a politician who says one thing (often very convincingly) only to vote the other way when push comes to shove?

List the MP’s who have stuck solidly to their personal manifesto and you won’t require too much ink.

The Government don’t seem to have caught up with modern technology. Gone are the days when you could put out a message to boost your poll ratings and actually see a bounce, although some are still trying to do so.

The public are actually far more interested in politics than they are given credit for and are becoming a discerning crowd, unforgiving and determined to get their way.

Brexit & Democracy

There was undoubtedly a point in time in the past when politicians campaigning for a specific outcome could set the narrative, control the conversation and as a result, sway the result of the following vote.

It looks however, as if those days are gone. The people have in a sense been empowered through the information revolution that has occured in the past 10 years or so.

Governments historically attempted to set the agenda during election campaigns; education on day one, defence on day two, etc.

I don’t think anyone is expecting that to happen successfully at the next election, any attempt to control the narrative will be short lived. The people are having their own conversation & politicians are not required.


The irony of Brexit is that the people voted to return control of the UK to the UK Parliament, which is doing all it can to cede that control to the EU.

The current batch of career politicians have a disposition to hand over control of the UK to the EU, as it turns out, against the will of the British people.

When you boil it all down, none of us is really in control of anything, except one thing, enshrined in Magna Carta. We the people have the right to elect those that govern us.

In addition, we have the opportunity to elect someone different if they don’t keep their promises or stick to their manifesto.

The current Tory government seem to think that a tax break here and there & a change of leader before the next election will get them back in power. They don’t realise the long term damage that has been done to their party.

For the people of Britain to be sovereign, Parliament needs to be sovereign.

A neo liberal elite have been pulling the strings in power for 30+ years, slowly diluting the power and influence of the UK worldwide.

Enough is enough. The people have said no, that is not acceptable.

Whenever the next election takes place, it will undoubtedly be a bloodbath for the conservative party, and in all likelihood not a great day for the Marxist faithful either.

The public have no trust in politicians. We can see through them for what they are.

Many Lords sitting in the upper chamber are in receipt of very healthy EU pensions. One important element of this is that they are under contract not to say or do anything to the detriment of the EU… of face losing their cash.

Is that democracy? Mob deals are more subtle than that.

The people have realised that MP’s do not care for democracy. They like the appearance of democracy, but in recent years, it has been possible for ordinary men and women in the streets to see their lies for what they are.

We all have an opinion, and when those opinions coalesce around a candidate or party that makes firm electoral promises to represent us, they will garner massive support.

As Macron proved only to well, an unknown can build a following large enough to put them in power in a very short period of time.

At the last, botched election in 2017, the concervatives were narrowly re-elected on the strength of promising to leave the EU.

The were given our trust and have squandered it. Possibly for a generation.

I feel most sorry for the likes of Mark Francois, Peter Bone and a few others who have stuck resolutely to not just their beliefs, but to their party manifesto (Not many seem to have done so in any party). What do they do now? Stick with the Tories and face being wiped out because their PM is a liar or jump ship to the Brexit Party?

Politics in the UK has changed. The electorate can see through MP’s lies and untruths.

An army of spin doctors can’t control the message any more, we can see politicians for what they are and we are not impressed.

The ERG or the DUP could bring this government to an end any time they choose, but they won’t do so.

The public want Teresa May and her cabinet gone. The ERG say they do too, but won’t do anything about it.

If you can’t bring down a minority government with the lowest popularity score of any preceding it, then it is surely because you are not inclined to do so?

The big question now is will we get to instigate a regime change on our wonderful nation before the current crop of self servers sign away our rights?

There is a sense of revolution in the air in the UK. Being a civilised nation, I trust it occurs at the ballot box.