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It’s Time For Rupert Lowe


The constituents of Kingswood go to the polls on the 15th February 2024 to select a new MP for the Kingswood constituency. This constituency will disappear at the general election so it is only a very short term MP, but our current parliamentary process determines that a by election has to take place now.

Regardless of the short term future for the new MP, this by election is the perfect opportunity for everyone who is disillusioned with the current state of British politics to send a strong message to the rest of the MPs in Parliament that they want to see a change of direction, that they want to see an end to the ‘Britons Last’ politics that we have endured for many years.

We face the highest taxes in 70 years, a self inflicted cost of living crisis driven by the government locking up healthy people and paying them not to work. Half a Trillion £’s of unnecessary debt that spiked inflation to 11%. Rishi Sunak is busy shouting about reducing inflation to 5%, but that was little to do with him, the initial 11% inflation however, very much was on his watch.

We have saddled future generations with wartime levels of national debt without the pian, suffering and loss of an actual war. Good job too, as in the last 30 years our military has been stripped down to its bare bones, leaving us unable to defend ourselves if we need to. Our military isn’t even able or willing to defend our national borders – surely the first reason for their existence.

Currently we have our one seaworthy frigate, deployed in the Middle East to defend shipping attempting to enter the suez canal from Yemini missiles. Unfortunately, we have, after just a few weeks and skirmishes run out of missiles to intercept their drones and anti ship rockets. What, I ask are we actually spending our 2.2% of or GDP on? We have just 70,000 military personnel left and it seems very few weapons for them to use in defence of our interests.

Say no to mismanagement of our economy, say no to uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal. We are currently welcoming 700,000 economic migrants into the country each and every year. It is unsustainable.

Someone some where has clearly decided that more people in the UK will make it a better place to live, fill our vacancies and create growth, but it isn’t panning out like that. In the last 20 years we have added 12 million people to the UK population. Many of these new arrivals come from different cultures and are not either willing or able to integrate into British life. Consequently we are seeing our culture and society break down and change rapidly.

Queues for healthcare & schools keep getting longer, the more people we fill in to work at reducing them. This is clearly because we are allowing the wrong people to come and live here. They are clearly not filling the vacancies we can’t fill. We have 5 million unemployed or economically inactive that we are paying to watch netflix all day. We need to incentivise these people to get back into employment with either sticks or carrots, whichever proves to be effective.

Welfare needs to go back to being a safety net, to protect people in the short term from job loss etc. Not a lifestyle choice.


Kingswood is your opportunity to vote for change, to vote for common sense, to vote for economic competence, to vote for Rupert Lowe, the Reform UK candidate. In the Kingswood By Election, vote for change.

Only Reform UK will:

  • Stop the Boats
  • Increase wages
  • Deliver ‘Net Zero’ Migration (One in, One out)
  • Zero Waiting Lists

Parliament is full of career politicians, people more interested in their careers than what they deliver for the UKand it’s long term future.

Reform UK is not full of career politicians. Many are business & professional people from all walks of life. Many had little or no interest in entering politics. They are not standing for personal gain. They are standing because someone needs to fix the UK and change the downward doom loop it is locked in. Our current MPs seem to see the UK as a problem to be managed, as a country in decline that needs to be crisis managed.

Nothing is insurmountable, the sorry state of the UK currently can be fixed. But, nothing changes until the public vote for it. Now is the time, Kingswood is the by election and Rupert Lowe is the man.

Important Dates and voting information for Kingswood by-election

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