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Wellingborough: It’s Time for Ben Habib


On the 15th February 2024 the Wellingborough Constituency by election is taking place in Northamptonshire. Wellingborough has been ignored by Parliament for many years and deserves investment, regeneration and better services. Once a wealthy centre of the footwear industry Wellingborough has become just another forgotten town, left to decline lacking in investment.

It doesn’t have to be like that. For decades, mass, uncontrolled immigration has kept wages low while simultaneously putting added pressures on our already strained public services. At the same time, far from filling the million+ vacancies we have in the UK, many are instead claiming welfare, massively increasing our welfare costs.

Immigration is not the answer to economic growth. Our GDP per capita has plummetted in line with immigration increasing. We don’t have a housing crisis, we have a too many people entering the country crisis.

The current strategy isn’t working, if you keep voting for the same strategies, you will keep getting the same results, nothing will change.

Change is needed and for the time being at least, and since Brexit, your vote counts, we are a democratic country and our government is sovereign, the people are currently sovereign.

You can change the direction that we travel in, your vote matters. The legacy parties, Tory, Labour and Lib Dem all want the same globalist policies, closer ties with the failing EU, cheap labour, uncontrolled immigration, Britons last policies that put you are the back of the queue for healthcare, housing, education.

Make a change, vote for a brighter future, Vote Ben Habib, Vote Reform UK

Wellingborough by election vote Ben Habib

Ben Habib - Wellingborough by-election