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Mission Statement

We don’t feel that we are being represented in Parliament.

It is our aim to gather as many likeminded British citizens together in readiness, so we can speak with one voice.

At present all our main political parties look more divided that the population are on the subject of Brexit.

The Tories consist of Remainers loyal to the PM, ERG looking for a Brexit that sticks to the definition defined pre referendum & a Brexit light faction.

The Labour party is split between Leavers and Remainers with the leadership favouring remaining in the EU.

The Liberals appear to be united as the party of Remainers.

In all likelihood, in the coming months and years we could very well see the Conservatives split, the Labour party split & Coalition Governments comprising of these waring factions until the end of time.

While all of this goes on, the silent majority will be ignored as they have been for decades. Meanwhile, minorities will be appeased in preference.

We want to reassert the authority of first past the post politics meaning that at east one faction will get what they vote for.

Proportional representation is another matter and has its pros and cons. PR is not our purpose. That is a different conversation for a different time.