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Crashing Out!!

Our Brexiteer representatives have allowed the narrative to be framed in favour of Remainers & crashing out of the EU.

How can you possibly crash out into something in which 90% of all world trade is already conducted?

The UK curently operates on World Trade Organisation Rules for over 50% of our world trade, as indeed does the EU.

Leaving a closed, insular single market and gaining access on a level playing field to a market 8 times larger can hardly be defined as crashing out of anything……. it is stepping up maybe?

Rather than being a member of a closed economic union, we could instead trade openly on the world stage without the current restrictions….. just a thought.

Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

No one likes change, least of all a Remainer (please note, no Remoaner speak here). But what if it really is better to trade openly with every other country on Earth?

Yes, the French will more than likely do their best to fuck up all transport between the UK and mainland Europe come the glorious revolution, but as with all things, when the rotten tomatoes start piling up on the quayside and the storage lots for Renaults and BMWs around Calais are overflowing, someone in authority will remove the obstacles everything will return to normal.

Sometimes people are too scared about losing a shilling to find a guinea.

In the longer term, once the short term admin issues with the EU are ironed out, our future is bright. We will thrive, prosper and grow faster than the EU will and much faster than we would do if we were to have a 15th referendum and all agree to remain as happy captives.

In 10 years we will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about, of that we are certain.