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Is A Second Referendum An Option?

Democracy…… have we forgotten what it means?

It was made quite clear that the Brexit referendum was a “Once in a Lifetime” vote on membership of the EU & all it entails.

While we fully appreciate how tough it is to be on the losing side in any large collective decision making process, that doesn’t mean you can have a do over.

How about best of 3, or 5 or 7…… at what point of time do you accept that the decision made is OK?

If you can’t accept the democratic decision of one vote, how can another one help. Just by holding a second vote, you degrade the whole democratic process and make any vote little more than advisory….. unless it goes in your favour of course, when presumably you would accept the result without question?

Any discussion of a second referendum just demeans our due process and the democratic process in the UK.

We have sent our soldiers all over the world to inflict our version of democracy upon peoples who haven’t always appreciated our presence in their lands. Is this really the democracy that we have been selling to the world.

We find it insulting to be told that we must be either stupid, bigoted, racist or xenophobic to have voted to leave the EU. We are none of those things, we all love Europe, we love Europeans (mostly)….. it is the EU which we have an issue with.

It degrades your argument to label us negatively in an attempt to change the narrative in your favour.

We are passionate Nationalists, Internationalists, peoples of the world, looking outwards, not inwards.

We are proud, hardworking, upstanding professionals, the silent majority, black, white & asian, law abiding men & women, striving for the best tomorrow we can deliver.

We expect our elected representatives to represent us. That shouldn’t be too much to ask in a western democracy such as the United Kingdom.

So enough talk of a second referendum. Your job in Parliament is to implement the result of the first one.