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Golden Handcuffs Conspiracy Theory

I am no conspiracy theorist…… BUT……. are we about to get a golden handcuffs deal…… sorry a backstop option no one wants to ever use?

Are we all being had over being told that there is no way that Parliament will ever approve Teresa Mays Brexit deal?

Don’t panic they say……

Wait and see…….

…….Until it’s too late to reverse this disasterous “Golden Handcuffs” deal the Mrs may has put together.

Labour will vote against it…..don’t worry.

The Brexiteers will vote against it…… don’t worry.

The DUP will vote against it….. don’t worry.


We have 70% Remainer backing MP’s currently and Mrs Mays deal is close enough to perpetual membership that they are more than likely to vote for it in preference to moving to WTO or in their words….. Crashing Out.

Teresa Mays deal will tie us into a customs union from which we can’t escape without getting permission to do so from the EU…… so that will be never then?

It actually looks like our best chance of avoiding this deal is if Spain reject it!!

So yes, potentially, unless any of our Brexiteer friends hurry up and grow a spine, we could see this deal being passed by our current MP’s.

Next they will kick their heels and delay any progress until the backstop is triggered and then we are locked in, safe and sound with no way out…… acceptable? We think not.

By the time we get the opportunity to remove them from office, it could well be too late to act unless we collective unite and have our voice heard.

Connect with us and together we can steer the House of Commons to carry out our wishes, divided we fall.