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The often repeated claim that anyone who voted to leave didn’t know what they were voting for is a little insulting.

Debate after debate explained what we would be leaving…….

…. and yet we don’t appear to be achieving that at all.

David Cameron States quite clearly that voting to leave means leaving the Single Market.

Again, 11 minutes and 30 seconds into this video, crystal clear…..

Why is it that a large section of the British public feel that they are being conned by our Government who have redefined Brexit to mean little more than border control.

This is not what we voted for.

The proposed backstop arrangement and the whole Irish border issue are political inventions designed to sell the PM’sChequers deal to the British people.

Does she really think we are that stupid to fall for this ruse?

We are being backed into a corner.

No deal, or WTO Rules option as it should be called is not the worst of all deals, 90% of all world trade is done on WTO.

WTO has been presented as being bad to make the Chequers deal look better…… to keep us in the EU.

The lack of say over future EU rules is neither here nor there as we have up until now had such priveledges, but had no impact on any EU legislation in 40 years. It makes no difference in real terms whether we have this right or not.

Teresa May intends to reverse us into a permanent handcuff deal that would make us worse off in all regards…… this too presumably so that at some point in the future we can be welcomed back into EU membership but without Mrs Thatchers rebate.

The UK is being conned by our own Government and Parliament is too scared of its own shadow to remove her. Again, we suspect that secretly the majority want to remain and are happy to green light her deal while publically appearing to be on the side of the public and the referendum result.